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For the ultimate in stormwater and drainage solutions, you can’t go past our team of expert professionals. We perform brand new installs, repairs and maintenance, so think of us first for all your requirements. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results, because we always aim to over deliver on the jobs we do in every aspect.

New & Replacement Installations At Great Prices

We aim to be your one stop shop contractor when it comes to everything you need, so along with maintenance and repairs of systems and networks, we excel at brand new installations and replacement systems.

No two properties are exactly alike and will therefore have different requirements for the final solution. Therefore a member of our team will get together with you and work out exactly what you need. After that we’ll come up with a design and implement it in quick time. Every one of our fully trained and licensed plumbers and drainers follows OH & S best practices for compliance. If you need anything from Detention tank installation, Connection of water tanks, Grated drain installs, Pumping stations, Underground piping networks and much more, contact us today and we will be able to help you every step of the way.

Fair Prices & Free Quotes

We like to stay a step ahead of our competitors, and one of the ways we constantly achieve that objective is to offer prices for our services that are affordable for all. A quality drainage contractor is an essential service that everyone should be able to afford. That’s our thinking. Over the years we have amassed a reputation for delivering superior results for the right price. We never charge for a quote either. Big jobs or small, you can count on us to do it all. Rainwater and drainage solutions are our specialty, and we cut prices, but never quality.

Your Local Repair & Maintenance Contractor

We’ve got everything to do with rainwater drainage covered for both commercial and residential clients, business operators and homeowners. A drainage system is only as good as its upkeep, and that’s why maintenance and repair form as integral a part of our regime as new installations do. Small and seemingly insignificant flaws can end up becoming major dramas if not attended to. You really don’t want to risk a flood on your property next time it rains hard or for an extended period.

Any type of damage within the network can result in a debris build up, which will ultimately cause blockages and prevent rainwater from draining away. Our team of experts will inspect your entire system and perform any necessary repairs. It’s always a good idea to have it regularly checked for potential problems. At least then you’ll have complete peace of mind that everything is as it should be. A little bit of vigilance now can save you money in expensive flood repairs down the track, so it’s worth keeping on top of and we’ll help you do that.

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Proper Rainwater Drainage Is Compulsory

It’s the law that every property is equipped with a proper rainwater drainage system for the effective funnelling of rain water. The natural landscape provides plenty of scope for rain to soak into the ground or run off into streams and rivers. However, that topography changes drastically as soon as an area is urbanised.

Suddenly there are hard surfaces everywhere, like buildings, roads, paving, footpaths and driveways. The rainwater still needs to go somewhere so the area doesn’t flood, and that’s why a system and piping network designed and installed by us is an absolute must. This kind of work should never be attempted by the home handyperson. It must be carried out by an experienced and professional contractor.

Catchment Basins & Pumping Stations

Gravity is the natural force that helps transport rainwater out into the stormwater system. But sometimes gravity is nullified because of the nature of the property, such as one that slopes away from the street. How do we counteract this?

By building a water catchment basin, situated either above the ground or underground. Connected to the basin is a pumping station with water pump. Inside the catchment is a float that will trigger the pump into action when the water rises to a certain level. The pump then sends the water up to street level and into the main pipes for dispersion. We fully understand that this scenario will add to the overall cost, but we’ll do our absolute best to keep your overall project within your designated budget. You can count on us.

The Basics of a Working System

So far we’ve noted that each and every property – residential or commercial – is unique and requires a slightly different setup. That being said, there are fundamentals of proper water drainage that are the same for every place.

Much of the process starts with the building’s roof, where rainwater flows into the gutters and channels down pipes and into the underground network, which is most often comprised on PVC piping that’s 90mm in diameter. These pipes send the water out in the city’s main network, where it eventually ends up in the ocean and local waterways.

The same sort of process takes place for the grounds. While lawns and gardens will soak up a lot of water, when it comes to hard surfaces, the rain needs to be directed into drains, where it can then flow out into the street.

To help the environment and conserve precious water, having a water tank connected by us will help you store water to use during dry periods. This way you can water the garden without feeling guilty about consuming the town’s dwindling water supply.

Blocked Drains Are a No Go

A blockage of some description is one of the most common incidences that can occur with a drainage system. Therefore it’s vital that any blockage is removed ASAP. Our team have the knowledge and the gear to locate the source and remove it in quick time, saving your property from potential disaster in a heavy downpour.

” We had the team come to our home to have a new drainage system setup, what can I say, they did an amazing job that went above any deyond. Not only did they do a fantastic job, they were such a friendly team, If you want service that is above the rest, this is the team for you ”

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