• Landscaping Cairns

    Looking for a landscaper in Cairns? Are you searching for a talented and dependable landscaping service? We would like to put our hand up and talk to you about your residential or commercial landscaping requirements here in North Queensland. Our experience in this tropical climate makes us confident we can satisfy your landscape design and construction demands. We have been successfully completing projects, across a range of styles, for a number of years. We would love to show you some of our finest work; walk you through a few paradises of our own creation.

  • Landscapes Matter

    Shaping the environment around your house or property can make an enormous difference. Designing the look and feel of house surrounds and garden will accentuate the aesthetic nature of your home. Become the best looking house in the street and your resale value will skyrocket. Maximise your investment and reap the rewards when you are ready.

  • Increase Your Living Space

    Cairns is a beautiful place to live and outside is a natural paradise. Intelligent landscape design will increase your living space by getting you outside. Extend your sense of comfort into your garden and splash out on some outdoor entertaining. Friends and family will welcome your renovations.

  • Free Quotes in Cairns

    Get a free quote in Cairns on all your landscaping. Talk to the professionals about design, construction, materials and labour costs. We are highly competitive and have specials on different materials throughout the year. We can provide you with a completion schedule and a range of options to consider.

  • Services Our Landscapers Provide

    Landscape design; Landscape construction; Garden design; Irrigation systems; Water features; Retaining walls; Stairs; Paving; Concreting; Pool surrounds; Pergolas; Turf laying; Pebble driveways and lots more.

  • We Will Build it Better

    Professional design and construction ensures that your new landscape will be built to industry best standards. We guarantee our workmanship and only utilise licensed tradesmen. We always start on time and we finish on time. Whether your project is residential or commercial, big or small, we deliver quality results on them all.

  • Good Looking Designs

    Your Cairn’s home or development will stand like a beacon to stylish architectural landscaping. Get chic in your North Queensland home or building with the stunning decorative effects now available in landscape design. The world can be your oyster and its shell will be the prettiest mother of pearl in the property market. Real estate agents fall over themselves to sell properties with landscaping; it makes a world of difference. Talk to us today about what we can make happen for you.