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Drainage System Installation, Repairs & Maintenance 

If you are looking to install a new or replacement stormwater system in your new home or business, then talk to the experts at Affordable Stormwater Gold Coast. We service surrounding areas including Tweed heads. Along with installations, we offer a competitive repair and maintenance service, and complete customer satisfaction is our guarantee to you.

We want your business and we also want you to refer us to your friends whenever they need comprehensive water flow drain services. One way we stay a step ahead of our competitors is by the affordable prices we offer. Proper drainage is mandatory, therefore everyone should be able to afford a quality system. Our prices might be low, but our quality is always high. Ask us for a free, no obligation quote and you’ll soon see we are very hard to beat.

24/7 Repairs

Quality Installations

Drainage System Solutions 

We Specialise In New Drainage Installations

All plumbers and drainers on our staff are fully trained and experienced professionals that strictly adhere to OH & S best practices for your peace of mind. While we do repairs and system maintenance, brand new and replacement installations are at the core of our company.

Each property varies in its layout and requirements, therefore we work closely with our clients during the design phase to ensure the system is everything the property requires, whether it’s the family home or a commercial property. Hundred of homes and local businesses have benefitted from our services over the years, so call us first for:

  • Guttering and downpipes
  • Installations
  • Underground PVC piping
  • Grated strip systems
  • Water pumps
  • Infiltration systems
  • Soakwells
  • System designs
  • Connecting of water tanks
  • Drainage water basins
  • And loads more…

No job is too big or too small for our friendly and professional team.

Repairs & Maintenance For Your System

New installs are the core of our company, but we also excel in rainwater drainage system repairs and routine maintenance and inspections. These are just as essential as the initial install, as without a fully functioning drain network, it won’t be able to do the job it’s meant to do. Any damage or blockages in the network or piping could lead to catastrophic flooding during periods of consistent or very heavy rain.

If you need repairs to your rainwater dispersion system, give us a call and get us in as soon as you realise there is damage. Likewise, having us inspect your system periodically or perform some maintenance will ensure all is well, giving you peace of mind during storm season in Queensland. Get in touch today and we’ll send round one of our experts in quick time.

About Drainage Systems

A drainage system is designed to efficiently funnel rainwater from a property into the town’s main network of underground piping.

Much of the rainwater is captured by the roof where it is fed into the gutters, flows down the downpipes, is channelled through 90mm PVC piping and out into the main network. From there it travels into local waterways or the sea.

When it comes to the grounds that surround a residential or commercial property, and lawns and gardens will soak up some of the water, but hard surfaces like driveways, pathways, patios and so on won’t.

The water will need to be made to flow into drains strategically placed about the property so the rainwater can be dispersed into the town’s network.

Having a water tank or two on the property to collect some of the rainwater is a great way to recycle water during dry periods and also help the environment. Never feel guilty about watering the gardens again. We can even hook up your tanks for you.

Effective Rainwater Drainage Is Necessary

Whether it’s a home or a commercial enterprise, every single property has to have an effective rainwater drainage solution in place to be compliant with the law. The reason the law exists is to prevent incidents of flooding during rainy weather.

Developed land is covered in buildings and hard services, making it much more difficult for precipitation to naturally absorb into the ground. There are roads and pavement, homes, driveways, patios and more that prevent nature taking its course. You need a system professionally designed and installed, so engage the very best contractor in the area for your installation.

Blocked Drains Fixed By Us

A blockage in your storm setup is one of the most common and urgent problems that can occur. Damage to a pipe or the concrete can cause a build up of dirt, sticks and other debris. Without having it cleared, the block will just get worse and a flood could be the result.

Don’t take chances. If you suspect you have a blocked drain or pipe, call us in to clear it ASAP. Don’t risk heavy rain causing unnecessary damage to your property.

Solutions For Properties On a Slope

Much of the dispersion of precipitation relies heavily on the forces of gravity to be efficient. Now gravity may work fine on a level property, but what are the solutions for properties that fall away from street level? What then?

A simple and effective solution is to build a catchment basin that collects much of the rainwater and stores it. Inside the basin is a float that communicates with a water pump housed in a pumping station. When the water inside the basin or holding tank rises to a certain point, the float tells the pump to fire up and pump excess water up to street level and into the storm network.

Although this setup will increase the bottom line, because we’re always focused on providing affordable solutions for our customers, we’ll work hard to keep the costs down on this extra expense so the final bill still falls within your project budget.


“This team is one of the best, we had a new home built in the centre of the city and needed a new drainage system installed asap. They turned up, provided us with a great quote and got straight to work. We could not be happier with the results and how well it turned out. Highly recommend if your looking for the best work at the best price”


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