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If you live in or are building a home in sunny Townsville, then make us your premier choice for all your drainage needs in the local area. We aim to be your go to team for installations, repairs and advice. That’s why our goal is to always exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

New Drainage Installs

In combination with repair work and system maintenance, the installation of stormwater drainage networks is one of our main services. Whether you are constructing a new building or need to replace an old system, we are the team to call.

Because every single property – whether commercial or residential – is different, it’s best to sit down with our expert staff and discuss what your requirements are. This way we can deliver results specifically designed for the needs of your property. If you need a replacement drainage network, connection of water tanks, grated drains, soakwell installs, basin construction or what ever it may be, we are the local team for you.

Affordable Prices & Quality Results

Our company doesn’t believe in ever charging a potential customer for a quote. All our free quotes are also without obligation to proceed. However, when you discover just how affordable our prices are compared to our competitors, we’re pretty sure you’ll want us to do your water drainage work.

Not only have we established a positive reputation in the local area as a dependable contractor, we offer pricing everyone can afford, but at the same time uphold our quality standards for work performed and materials used.

Drainage Repair & Care

Like anything else around the property, your drain network needs to be monitored and looked after. This includes things like your guttering and downpipes as much as any systems on ground level or underground. A small issue could develop into a major problem during storm season.

You could have a blockage in the network created by broken materials or debris build up. Maybe your downpipes leak water everywhere, other than sending it where it’s meant to go. Whatever the problem may be, don’t put off necessary repair work. We can take care of repairs for a fraction of the cost that you’ll incur if flooding eventuates.

We also encourage you to book us in for maintenance and checks of your systems from time to time. This will help avoid any major problems developing.

If you would like any of our services, call us today to speak with our friendly and amazing team. 

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Why Is It Necessary To Have Stormwater Drainage?

For starters, proper drainage on every single property is required by law to help prevent flooding as well as protect the environment. In order to implement a drainage network that works efficiently, it’s imperative to hire the services of a licensed and experienced contractor, and we are your best choice in the region.

Other things to consider are that when people come along and develop the natural landscape into something unnatural that now contains hard, manmade structures like homes, there is less chance for rainwater to naturally dissipate like it used to. Buildings have roofs and are often surrounded by concrete pathways, paving and driveways. If the water can no longer soak into the ground, it has to effectively be channelled into a series of pipes that connect to the cities main storm pipe line that then is taken care of by the council. Gutters, downpipes, drains and gravity fed piping all help to remove rainwater in an efficient manner.

The Basics of a System

Each and every single property and location is a little different. No two drainage systems will be identical. However, having said that, there are a number of things that these systems do have in common. The run off from rainwater naturally follows gravity, which often commences up on the roof, where water runs into guttering, is fed down piping and into underground PVC pipes. From there the pipes slope down into the town’s main drainage. Eventually this water run off ends up in local waterways or out in the ocean.

Pavers and concrete cannot absorb rainwater, so on ground level there needs to be solutions in place to effectively channel that water into drains before it runs off into the main system beneath the roadways. To help conserve water and care for the environment, it’s also worth considering having a water tank installed on your property. We can even hook it up for you in quick time and for fair prices.

Water Pumps and Underground Basins

So what happens if you live on sloping ground, where gravity can’t naturally funnel rainwater uphill into cities network of pipes? Do you have no choice but to endure flooding?

There are various ways to counteract this problem, and one of the most common and effective is to have an underground or above ground basin built to catch the rainwater first. This is managed by the installation of strategically placed drains and grates.

Within the basin is a float that triggers a water pump when the water level rises to a predetermined height. Once the pump kicks into action, the water is pumped uphill and into the main piping network. As this type of setup will naturally add to the overall cost of your stormwater solution, we’ll work with you on establishing the most cost-effective system to take care of your waste water needs and keep the project within budget.

Blocked Drains Solutions

Without proper maintenance and monitoring, your drainage could simply block up with a build up of dirt, sticks and whatever else finds its way into the drains and pipes. Damaged drainage can also be a contributing factor, so repair work is necessary.

Our team is equipped with the best gear and will locate a blockage in quick time and remove it. Don’t neglect to call us in as you don’t want blocked drains to lead to a flood on your property.

” Could not be happier with the amazing results that the team produced. Not only did they have it completed ahead of schedule, but they were one of the nicest teams I have ever dealt with, extremely happy. ”

Amy Lee

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